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CryptoZoos is a community-oriented NFT project.

You can find your favorite animal profile picture from CryptoZoos.

Animals can walk and communicate with each other through the Brain-Machine with a z-label in their forehead.

Holding a CryptZoos allows you to participate in coordinating the CryptoZoos Community. Holders can vote for activities that benefit the CryptoZoos.



Giveaways events until our launch !




What are CryptoZoos?

CryptoZoos are collections of 12 animals, they do different jobs in different countries.

How many items in this NFTs project ?

There will be 3,900 hand-drawn CryptoZoos animals in total.

How do I adopt a CryptoZoos?

You can adopt your animal profile on Solsea and Magic Eden.

How do I join the community?

Each animal makes great profile pictures so you can easily spot fellow community members! Follow the official Twitter account and come and say hi in the community Discord server. 

What can I do with my animal?

You are free to do anything you want with them under a non-exclusive license.

Will we have another version for CryptoZoos?

Yes, you will get your PXL CryptoZoos, our free mint collection for holders.

How do I create and fund my Solana Wallet?

Go to Phantom or Slope Wallet, download the Phantom wallet extension or Slope Wallet App. Once the extension or App is installed, create a new wallet. Then, to fund it go to ApolloX, FTX or Binance (any exchange that sells and supports Solana token transfer) and purchase SOL. Once you have SOL, send it over to your SOL address in your Solana wallet.

Where will the royalties go?

All 3% of resale royalties will be used to sweep out the floor and increase the collection value as we are building a strong community and aiming for the long term.

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